Alternative dispute resolution affords you ability to take control of your case and get it resolved both quickly and economically.

Judge Robert Cornetta has been a Massachusetts attorney for more than 40 years. He served 23 of those years as a judge in the Massachusetts courts, presiding over many civil litigation trials. Through mediation or arbitration, Judge Cornetta puts his decades of experience to work for you.

Parties seeking to mediate or arbitrate their case are welcome to utilize Cornetta Babine LLC’s offices on Route 114 in Danvers. Alternatively, Judge Cornetta can travel to the forum you select, thereby saving you the time associated with travel.

From personal injury cases, to construction disputes and commercial matters, litigants seeking to mediate or arbitrate before Judge Cornetta know they will have an experienced practitioner working to resolve their case in an impartial, cost-effective and timely manner. Contact Cornetta Babine LLC today to schedule your next mediation or arbitration with Judge Cornetta and let’s get your case resolved.